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SDG15: Restore ecosystems and conserve biodiversity
SDG14: Protection of seas and oceans
SDG13: Climate action
SDG12: Sustainable consumption and production
SDG9: Innovation and sustainable infrastructure
SDG7: Renewable and affordable energy
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A fully sustainable and planet neutral construction industry for our and future generations

NIBE wants to accelerate the transition to sustainable and circular construction

NIBE strives for a fully sustainable construction industry that does not pollute our environment, does not deplete natural resources and operates in a planet-neutral way.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do

By developing and disseminating knowledge, we make clients aware of the urgency of a planet-neutral construction sector, support them in reducing their impact on the environment and help them achieve their sustainability ambitions.
We are determined to make a difference.

The impact of inspirational examples

Clients are looking for circular material flows
If we are going to work with waste then the sky is the limit
Insight into circularity of an industrial property
We are continuously working on the change from brownfield to greenfield

Our impact in numbers

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How do you make an urban church sustainable while preserving its beauty? "Sublime beauty | sublime sustainability. Call for the preservation of iconic city churches" is the title of a public competition organised by the Chief Government Architect and the Cultural Heritage Agency, in which they join forces to make nine landmark and monumental churches more sustainable.
NIBE's vision on circular constructionNIBE's vision on circular building, how our tools and advice can impact more realistically and take a look into the future. 

Our services

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. 

By developing and transferring knowledge, we make clients aware of the urgency of a planet-neutral construction industry and help them realize their sustainability ambitions and support them in reducing their impact on the environment. We are determined to make a difference.

Only with a conscious sustainable choice, we determine our future.

NIBE EPD tool, a reliable and versatile web application to calculate, compare and optimize your product environmental performance. 

Provide direction to your sustainability strategy through expert LCA study and tailored improvement advice. 

The basis for making well-considered and sustainable choices. 

DUMO, respectfully making monuments more sustainable while maintaining heritage value.

BOOST by NIBE, a comprehensive and flexible training offer for sustainability specialists in the construction industry. 

Wearthy value scan, our advice on optimizing the environmental performance calculation (MPG) of your building design. 

Our sustainability ambassadors