SDG15: Restore ecosystems and conserve biodiversity
SDG14: Protection of seas and oceans
SDG13: Climate action
SDG12: Sustainable consumption and production
SDG9: Innovation and sustainable infrastructure
SDG7: Renewable and affordable energy
Secondary materials
Environmental performance
Building sustainably
Circular economy
Circulair building
DUBO certificate
Green procurement
Climate goals
National Environmental Database
Sustainable preservation monumental buildings
Environmental Product Declaration
Life cycle analysis
Environmental cost indicator
Renewable energy

Conscious sustainable choices determine our future

Our expertise

NIBE is an independent, leading, socially involved consultancy in the field of sustainable and circular building. For more than 30 years NIBE has been advising clients in the B&U and GWW sector, both nationally and internationally, in optimising their impact on the environment. 

NIBE has been at the basis of the Dutch Method of Determination and the National Environmental Database has been built on the basis of the NIBE environmental database.

Our clients are national governments (Rijkswaterstaat, Rijksvastgoedbedrijf), regional governments (municipalities, provinces), real estate developers, project developers, housing corporations, construction companies, contractors, architects and manufacturers of building materials.

Anyone looking for reliable environment-relevant data knows where to find NIBE. We are determined to make a difference. Because with conscious sustainable choices we determine our future.

Our expertise

  • Expert, independent advice
    -   Sustainable materials - life cycle analysis of your product
    -   Sustainability as a guiding principle in procurement
    -   Circularity as a route to a sustainable construction sector
    -   National and international environmentally relevant regulations and market developments
    -   Making cultural heritage more sustainable
  • Conscious choice for sustainable materials with the help of the NIBE Miliueclassifications - database with 1,500 transparent, scientifically substantiated product specifications - and DUBOkeur®.
  • Your product distinctive, concrete and measurable with the NIBE EPD tool (R<THiNK)
  • Knowledge development through targeted expert training in the field of environment and sustainability (Boost by NIBE).
  • Knowledge centre.